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A Glimpse Inside My Spare-Bedroom Studio

My studio is a cozy spare bedroom with hardwood floors, two windows, and a walk-up to our attic (which is my husband's "IT studio," aka The Geek Loft). It's also the place where I have my computer desk, shelves with grow lights for starting my garden every spring, all the photos/letters/etc. of my Grandfather's that I am organizing, and a litter box.

That's a lot for one little room.

But given the clutter and occasional confusion that arrises from having such a multipurpose, it's actually a really nice space to work in. As long as I have my easel, my pastels, and some coffee and music, I'm good!

Oh, and this little furball likes to join the fun, too.

Here's a closer look at the self-portrait I'm working on. I think it's coming along pretty well. The only downside is that because I started it in the morning, and I have a west window, I can only really work on it before noon if I want to get that lighting on the left-hand side just right! It means I can only really work on it on weekends--but that's okay, because I really like the way it looks with the two distinct light sources.

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