Introduction to Soft Pastels with Brigitte Boucher



8 weeks - January 28 - March 18, 2021

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Online


Discover new ways to bring your ideas to life using soft pastels—a medium that combines the immediacy of drawing with the rich color of painting. As we practice different techniques, we’ll discuss color theory, value, composition, and other topics to create a solid foundation for your explorations. We'll work on honing your observational skills using still life setups and photo references, and we’ll get inspired by examining historical and contemporary pastel works. Come prepared to learn, play, and spend time getting individualized feedback to help you achieve your goals! This class is aimed at beginner pastel artists as well as anyone who wants to brush up on the basics.

The Jazz Musician - 18x24 pastel on pape

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I am excited to announce that I am partnering with local studio Atwood Atelier to bring you a special 8-week remote pastel class! 




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Prior Classes

A kingfisher painted in soft pastels_
020816 FOIC Jerome.jpg

Pastels: Essential Techniques for Drawing & Painting

In this eight-week class, explore the creative possibilities of soft pastel, a fun and versatile medium that combines elements of painting and drawing. Learn about materials and techniques while experimenting with color, value, and mark-making. Hone your artistic eye as we work from photo references and direct observation. Hands-on exercises, demonstrations, and individual instruction increase your confidence with pastels.

Introduction to Soft Pastels

Have you always wanted to try soft pastels, but weren’t sure how to begin? This class is for you! Together, we’ll explore the creative possibilities of this fun, versatile medium. Learn about materials and techniques while experimenting with color, composition, and mark-making. Discover the ways you can use pastels to combine the immediacy of drawing with the rich color of painting. This class is aimed at beginners and anyone looking to brush up on the basics. 

Color Explorations in Soft Pastels

Color is one of the most exciting aspects of pastels—and one of the most challenging! This one-day workshop will take away the mystery, leaving you with a solid foundation for creating beautiful, vibrant pastel paintings. You’ll learn fun, simple ways to use color theory for confident results. We'll practice techniques for lifelike, naturalistic color, and we'll experiment with ways to loosen up with bold, expressive color. This class is open to all levels, but is best for those with some pastel experience. 

Portraits in Soft Pastels

Learn the basics of portraiture using the fun, versatile medium of soft pastel. We’ll discuss key points of facial anatomy and proportions, tips for creating a good likeness, and techniques for using color, light, and value to bring your portraits to life. We’ll also cover pastel-specific techniques for approaching your portraits with freshness and creativity. Open to all levels. Please bring several portrait photos to use as a reference.